Welcome fellow traveler, you have now taken the first step, you are now at the gates of knowledge, willing to keep building, so you can share it with your community; now that you proved your interest and that you have shown that you meet all the requirements, we grant upon you the Acusmata degree in Odoo. Do not be proud of it, as this is more a responsibility than a merit. Is my duty to warn you: this is a long and arduous path, only the fittest can reach the end (and start again…). You will not be entirely alone on this path, I, and many others who have also walked this way, will follow you on some stretches of the road until you can overcome, by your own means, the many obstacles this way is riddled with. But don’t get too confident, our presence is just symbolic, you will have to put most of the effort yourself. My only advice on this stage, that is about to start after you step through the doorway, is: put your effort in finding the truths inside you, because when the time comes for things to start crumbling they will be there to shore you up. You should find motivation in knowing that, if you work really hard and show motivation, perhaps your elder brothers will consider giving you the Nomoteta degree in Odoo and someday, if you manage to create a master piece, become a Mathematical in Odoo, so you can shine upon novices the light of Odoo.

Do not wait any longer, I have already said too much. What are you waiting for? A revelation? You are to young to understand many things. You have asked, and you have received, now you must seek to find, do not stop now and start walking… only thus will you confirm if you have what it takes…

We will meet again, if you get to the next stage.

I wish you the best.